So, here’s the situation. I’ve stopped hosting my server. I’ve moved the site to a shared hosting package with my domain provider that costs about 9 times less than I was paying to host a server. Infinity Zero isn’t going anywhere, but we’re moving more towards content creation than just pure hosting. Erik will be Read more about Latest…[…]

Forums Part 5 When will it end?

We’ve got some plans in motion, so I’ve switched the blog and forum around. You can still access the forums via the “Forums” button up there ^^

Teamspeak 3 Update

I’ve updated the Teamspeak server to I’ve also moved the server to one of the SSDs so hopefully we’ll get better start up times when it goes down, well you know, 2 seconds instead of 5 😛 Here’s the changelog. [quote]=== Server Release 24 Aug 2015 – fixed DoS vulnerability – fixed clients Read more about Teamspeak 3 Update[…]

Server updates!

Yesterday was fun. After many months of planning (and by planning I mean “Hey, I should do that”) I did a full suite of updates on the main web server. I switched over from MySQL 5.6 to MariaDB 10.0 which was a fairly painless process I must admit. For those that don’t know MariaDB is Read more about Server updates![…]

Divided by Zero

A new look, a new direction and this won’t be one of those small direction changes where I decide to play a new game, this will be big. For a long time gaming has taken a back seat to my myriad other interests. Coding, website design and lately cycling. So, what does that mean for Read more about Divided by Zero[…]

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