Long Term Review: Hunt 4Season Gravel Disc Wheels

Wow. I couldn’t believe my eyes when these wheels arrived, it wasn’t so much the wheels which are quite pretty in my opinion, but it was the amount of extras in the box: A set of internal cam QR skewers 2 Tubeless valves Spoke Key 2 spare spokes + nipples 6 bolt disc rotor adapters[…]

Review: Topeak Ratchet Rocket Lite DX

The Topeak Ratchet Rocket has long been a staple of Topeaks multi-tool range, and for good reason. I’ve been using an older model for nearly 4 years now while tinkering in the garage and I just love it. Now that’s not to say that I use it for every job (there are better tools available)[…]

Project: Boardman Hybrid Pro Re-Build Part 3

Over the weekend I finished up the Re-build of my Boardman Hybrid Pro and I’ve been riding it for the past few days and I’m really happy with the result. The new shifters are pretty much identical to the Shimano M8000 shifters I have on my Foxy XR, with a light, positive action. The groupset[…]

Project: Boardman Hybrid Pro Re-Build Part 2

So, here’s the thing. No matter how well organised you are, always have a Plan B because you never know what might go wrong. In this case, my assumptions are what halted progress on the re-build. Having stripped the bike down, given it a clean and started assembly of the new parts I found the[…]

Project: Boardman Hybrid Pro Re-Build

The Boardman Hybrid Pro was my first “proper” bike. It’s a flat-bar road bike which I used for commuting daily for 2 and a half years before retiring it when I bought my first “proper” road bike with drop bars. I’ve been trying to sell it for a while, but I wasn’t getting the price[…]

Garage: Pinnacle Arkose 2017 Build

Here it is, my new(ish) bike. The old Arkose is a really good bike but it was a frame size too big for me so it felt more like I was sat “on” than “in” the bike. It was also based around cyclocross geometry (high bottom bracket, short front-centre) which is fantastic off-road, but a[…]

Review: Pinnacle Dolomite LTD

I bought the Pinnacle Dolomite LTD back in August and I am very much in-love with this bike. The Dolomite comes equipped with a nearly-full Shimano 105 5800 group set, the only deviation are the non-series RS685 STI units and the RS805 brake calipers. The bike came with a front dynamo hub built upon Alex[…]

Long Term Review: Hope 20Five-Pro 4

What a difference 6 months makes, well ok, that’s an exaggeration. These wheels are just as solid as they were the day they came out of the box. Since sealing them up tubeless they’ve been hassle-free, although they could probably do with new sealant in the very near future (read: ages ago). My only real[…]

Unintended Hiatus…

Apologies for being quiet for the past few months I’ve had a lot on my plate, but I intend to get back to giving you my opinions on bikes, kit and gear. You’ll notice some changes to the site over the next month or so as I’m working to develop the new look and feel[…]

First Look: Pinnacle Dolomite LTD

I bought a new bike! You can check out the stock specs at: Evans Cycles I’ll be posting more about this bike as I put more miles on it.

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