Divided by Zero

A new look, a new direction and this won’t be one of those small direction changes where I decide to play a new game, this will be big. For a long time gaming has taken a back seat to my myriad other interests. Coding, website design and lately cycling.

So, what does that mean for InfinityZero? Well as you can already tell on the surface it means a new look (hello again WordPress), rather than stick to my signature dark themes I’ve gone for a fresh modern light theme with the signature iZ highlights.

The forums have been split off from the main site and will exist as a separate entity and keep the dark style (although flattened to keep with the new front end style). You’ll also notice the first major logo change in the past few years, gone are the bold grey letters with red highlights replaced with a simple clean font for the title.

Moving on to the content of the site, well to start with it’s all the same. I’ve just imported it across from the old site, however the changes will come in the future. I’ll be treating this much more like my own personal blog, so expect to see posts about everything from site and server news (as before) to my latest gadgets and mobile devices and on to my latest cycling exploits and purchases (expect to see videos of me chucking myself down hills on small two-wheeled pieces of metal in the near future).

Before you ask, yes, all the voice servers will continue on as they were, you may have to prod me if they need updating though.

-The Absent Admin

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