Server updates!

Yesterday was fun. After many months of planning (and by planning I mean “Hey, I should do that”) I did a full suite of updates on the main web server.

I switched over from MySQL 5.6 to MariaDB 10.0 which was a fairly painless process I must admit. For those that don’t know MariaDB is a drop-in replacement for MySQL, it’s more efficient, quicker and less buggy than MySQL and is now a requirement for the newer versions of Teamspeak 3 Server. All websites I host now use MariaDB instead of MySQL and so far, well it all works exactly the same. It probably won’t make too much difference to us as we’re such a small community.

The only problem that switching to MariaDB caused is that TCAdmin refused to work afterwards and rather than mess around trying to get it to work I just reinstalled it from scratch so anybody with accounts before hand has lost them as I didn’t bother transferring any data over. If we ever get back in to hosting servers and people need accounts I’ll create them as and when, don’t see the point recreating them all as it stands.

Teamspeak has been updated to the latest version ( and I think that now requires the latest Client version (3.0.16) so make sure you’re all updated. (for people like Rofl – you can change the icons back to the original ones, just select Default rather than Default_Mono)

I also updated to PHP 5.6.

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