Unintended Hiatus…

Apologies for being quiet for the past few months I’ve had a lot on my plate, but I intend to get back to giving you my opinions on bikes, kit and gear.

You’ll notice some changes to the site over the next month or so as I’m working to develop the new look and feel which should be a lot more clean and modern. I’ve also switched on SSL, but it’s being a bit funky at the moment but I’ll sort that out as soon as I can.

I’ve got a few long-term reviews coming (Hope 20Five, Hunt 4Season Gravel Disc, and Pinnacle Dolomite LTD), as well as a newcomer to my stable (I built a bike!). I’ve also picked up quite a bit of new kit in the autumn sales so I’ll try and get some reviews and impressions out for those too.

Anyway, welcome back, and make sure you wrap up if you’re out this winter!

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