Upcoming Network Maintenance

I just received this email from my server host. As you may be aware from recent news coverage the size of the IPv4 routing table exceeded 512,000 routes this week. This caused widespread disruption to many users, businesses and other ISP’s. In preparation for the continued growth of the global routing table we are performing[…]

New Bike!

As the saying goes “Life is short, so buy the damn bicycle” or something to that effect. Therefore I bought a new bike. It’s a Cube Stereo 140 HPC Pro 29. It’s a 29″ 140mm travel full-suspension bike and it’s really very pretty. It uses Fox suspension front and back and has a full Shimano[…]

Damn you Citrix

So there I was about to create a Minecraft server when I noticed my Server 2008 R2 VM won’t use more than 4 cores (of the 8 available). Turns out the free version of Citrix XenServer restricts CPU cores to appear as dedicated CPUs and the option to change that is only available to paying[…]

Divided by Zero

A new look, a new direction and this won’t be one of those small direction changes where I decide to play a new game, this will be big. For a long time gaming has taken a back seat to my myriad other interests. Coding, website design and lately cycling. So, what does that mean for[…]

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