Teamspeak 3 Update

I’ve updated the Teamspeak server to I’ve also moved the server to one of the SSDs so hopefully we’ll get better start up times when it goes down, well you know, 2 seconds instead of 5 😛 Here’s the changelog. [quote]=== Server Release 24 Aug 2015 – fixed DoS vulnerability – fixed clients[…]

Server updates!

Yesterday was fun. After many months of planning (and by planning I mean “Hey, I should do that”) I did a full suite of updates on the main web server. I switched over from MySQL 5.6 to MariaDB 10.0 which was a fairly painless process I must admit. For those that don’t know MariaDB is[…]

Upcoming Network Maintenance

I just received this email from my server host. As you may be aware from recent news coverage the size of the IPv4 routing table exceeded 512,000 routes this week. This caused widespread disruption to many users, businesses and other ISP’s. In preparation for the continued growth of the global routing table we are performing[…]

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