Project: Boardman Hybrid Pro Re-Build Part 2

The Boardman before the rebuild.
Lot’s of leaning against metal posts causes lots of cosmetic damage!
Current cockpit!
31.8mm generic Boardman carbon seatpost and generic Boardman saddle.
Shimano RX-05’s and Michelin Pro 4 Endurance tyres (tubes).
All (most) of the stuff I need for the re-build!
27.2mm alloy Deda seatpost installed first!
Bike stripped of everything being replaced.
No drivetrain!
No controls!
Not sure they’re supposed to be there…
Press-fit be damned!
The bike in it’s current partially-finished state
Most of the drivetrain installed
New wheels!
Loose cockpit setup!

So, here’s the thing. No matter how well organised you are, always have a Plan B because you never know what might go wrong. In this case, my assumptions are what halted progress on the re-build. Having stripped the bike down, given it a clean and started assembly of the new parts I found the front derailleur didn’t fit. I had assumed the derailleur I had spare would fit, turns out I was wrong.

I now have the correct derailleur on order and a half-finished bike in the garage. Enjoy the pictures!

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