Project: Boardman Hybrid Pro Re-Build

The Boardman Hybrid Pro was my first “proper” bike. It’s a flat-bar road bike which I used for commuting daily for 2 and a half years before retiring it when I bought my first “proper” road bike with drop bars.

I’ve been trying to sell it for a while, but I wasn’t getting the price I wanted so in the end it’s sat in the shed for the past 6 months unloved. I’ve decided to recommission it because I miss how much fun the bike was and oddly I miss flat-bars.

For long rides (1 hour+) a drop-bar bike is far more comfortable, but for quick 30 minute blasts through traffic (e.g. for work and back) I personally love the feeling of this bike. It’s tight, agile and the extra leverage afforded by the wider bars makes skipping through traffic and around pot holes a breeze.

The only thing this bike really needed was some new wheels. The Shimano RX-05 wheels it comes with are not the toughest wheels, which for a heavier rider isn’t great. The original wheels have had half a dozen new spokes, and the replacement set have had 2 new spokes.

However, as my only remaining 10-speed bike, and my supply of 10-speed parts rapidly diminishing I’ve decided to upgrade it to 11-speed. All the parts should be delivered by this weekend and I’ll post updates on the re-build.

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