Review: Topeak Mondopack Hydro

The Mondopack is a range of big saddle bags available from Topeak. There’s 4 models in the range. The Mondopack (1.2l), the XL (2l), the XL with straps instead of QuickClick and the Hydro (1.7l). The model I have is the Hydro. It’s a 1.7l saddle bag with a pocket at the rear to stash[…]

Ongoing Review: Hope 20Five Tubeless setup

Tubeless Easy? Well that depends on if you tape the rim correctly. I did not. It took me 3 attempts to get the first wheel to seal. 1st Attempt My first attempt was using Effetto Mariposa Caffélatex Tubeless Tape. I ran 2 full revolutions of tape, poked a hole for the valve, inserted sealant and used[…]

Ongoing Review: Hope 20Five with Tubes part 2

Just don’t. I’ve had more snakebite punctures with these wheels than I’ve had since I started cycling. If you have no plans to run these tubeless I would not recommend them. I have bought some new tyres and will set them up tubeless in the next day or so.

Bike fit: A personal experience.

I started my cycling life commuting to work and back to save money on bus fare. I bought a Carrera Subway in a size Halfords recommended for my height (20 inch). It was a flat-bar hybrid and I was so unaccustomed to cycling I fitted a steerer extender to increase the bar height to make[…]

Ongoing Review: Hope 20Five with Tubes

UPDATED 04/06/2017: Added Pictures of Rim Bed and Tape. I’ve been using the Hope 20Five for around 200km now and I’ve now experienced my first puncture. This gave me the perfect chance to test out what they are like to work with at the roadside. Simple answer: I got a lift home. A simple glass[…]

Initial Review: Hope 20Five-Pro 4

The 20five is Hope’s latest Road Disc/Cyclocross wheel built on their legendary Pro 4 hub. They retail at £380 but you can find them for around the £350 mark online. They are alloy wheels built with 32 spokes. The rim is 24mm wide externally with a 20mm internal width. This gives a nice plump tyre[…]


So, here’s the situation. I’ve stopped hosting my server. I’ve moved the site to a shared hosting package with my domain provider that costs about 9 times less than I was paying to host a server. Infinity Zero isn’t going anywhere, but we’re moving more towards content creation than just pure hosting. Erik will be[…]

Forums Part 5 When will it end?

We’ve got some plans in motion, so I’ve switched the blog and forum around. You can still access the forums via the “Forums” button up there ^^

Teamspeak Security Update

On the 10th October Teamspeak issued an updated client ( that fixed a very important security update addressing a RFI (Remote File Inclusion) vulnerability, as such I’ve set the TS3 Server to only accept connections from users with that version of client or higher. All other client connections will be refused. Please update to the[…]

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