New Bike!

3 months and 1 day after ordering I finally received my new bike. It’s a Mondraker Foxy XR 2015 (Mondraker Website). The only change I’ve made to the spec so far is the saddle and grips (personal choice) and the brakes. I swapped the included Formula CR1 brakes and rotors for Shimano XT brakes and[…]

Server updates!

Yesterday was fun. After many months of planning (and by planning I mean “Hey, I should do that”) I did a full suite of updates on the main web server. I switched over from MySQL 5.6 to MariaDB 10.0 which was a fairly painless process I must admit. For those that don’t know MariaDB is[…]

Winter is coming!

It’s that time of year again, Summer is officially over (the weather last week was horrendous!) so it’s time to winterize your bikes! I also realised that so far I’ve yet to post anything about my other bike (my commuter). It’s a Boardman Hybrid Pro that I’ve upgraded to the full Shimano 105 drivetrain (standard[…]

Moar Upgrades!

2 x Shimano XT M785 Brakes (front and rear) 1 x Shimano XT M780 Shifter pods (pair) 1 x Shimano i-spec upgrade pack More pictures to enjoy (and yes, since these were taken I’ve cut down the brake hoses and tidied up the front end)

Cube Stereo upgrades

Hmm, sales. I love this time of year, end of season sales on cycling stuff, so it’s all cheap. £120 set of Carbon handlebars = £40 60mm Raceface Turbine Stem = £52 And here’s the result What’s next? Well on Wednesday I’m off to Llandegla in Wales to try out the trails there. I’ve also[…]

Cannock Chase Bloopers

While I get to grips with the Sony PlayMemories software that came with my action cam I thought you might like a laugh at my bails. These were all taken 11th August 2014 on the Follow the Dog Trail in Cannock Chase, UK

Teamspeak 3 Viewer

So after much faffing around I’ve switched from ts3viewer to Gametracker’s own viewer. It doesn’t look as good but it does actually work, so there’s that. If you’re interested.

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